Eda Uyar - Founder Interior Designer, M. Sc.

Eda Uyar is an interior architect and the visionary behind the multi-disciplinary design company, BURĒAU. Eda’s journey into the world of design began at Bilkent University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture. Seeking to enhance her expertise and explore new horizons, she embarked on an enriching academic venture at Domus Academy Milano, where she pursued her Master’s degree in design. In 2022, Eda further expanded her skill set by enrolling in the prestigious furniture design program at Pratt Institute. This experience allowed her to delve deeper into the world of design and equipped her with the knowledge and tools necessary to create her own exclusive furniture collection.

After honing her skills and gaining invaluable industry experience, she took the leap to establish BURĒAU in 2022. With a profound belief in the power of design to transform spaces and influence human experiences, she set out to create a design studio that transcends boundaries and pushes creative boundaries.

Eda’s interdisciplinary perspective enables her to tackle projects of various scales and complexities, ranging from residential and commercial spaces to hospitality and retail environments. She believes in the transformative power of design to enhance well-being, inspire creativity, and foster meaningful connections.