Chef’s Office is a multifunctional studio designed by BURĒAU for a talented pastry chef and restaurant owner. This unique space is designed to cater to the chef’s diverse interests, including food photography, videography, food styling consultancy, ateliers, and administrative work.

The design of Chef’s Office pays homage to the artistry of bread making, with a special emphasis on the intricate patterns formed during the process. A notable feature is the fireplace adorned with specially designed 3D ceramics, inspired by the imprints left by bread dough on surfaces. This not only provides a visually stunning display but also establishes a tactile connection to the culinary craft.

Two arches define distinct zones within the studio. One arch creates a relaxing fireplace space, fostering an intimate atmosphere for contemplation and leisure. The second arch designates a meeting and atelier space, promoting a collaborative environment for creative endeavors.

The design palette includes a sophisticated blend of dark herringbone wood parquet and vibrant green ceramic tiles, creating a harmonious and inviting ambiance. The industrial stainless steel kitchen, reminiscent of a professional restaurant kitchen, adds a touch of minimalism to the space. These carefully selected materials not only enhance functionality but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the studio.

The industrial kitchen serves as a practical workspace and a focal point with its minimalist design. A dedicated area for storing and displaying seasonal vegetables adds a touch of freshness to the studio, while below, a small wine cellar offers a curated selection for the chef’s culinary experiments.

An open shelving system provides an ideal solution for showcasing the chef’s cherished porcelain glass collection, creating an engaging visual display that adds a personal touch to the studio.

Pantheon Table, designed by BURĒAU placed within the space. This elegant table serves as the epicenter of creativity, offering a versatile platform for various activities, from administrative tasks to collaborative workshops.

In conclusion, Chef’s Office by BURĒAU blends functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the art of bread making, this multifunctional studio caters to the diverse needs of a pastry chef and restaurant owner, providing a haven for culinary exploration, creativity, and professional consultancy.