Interior Design



Guest House Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey

“Bodrum Guest House” is a captivating project by BURĒAU, situated in the beautiful coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey. Nestled within a four-story private villa, this project features two distinct living spaces that offer an exceptional experience for its users.

To ensure privacy, the entrances to the guest houses are cleverly separated from the main entrance of the villa. Instead, they are accessed through terraces at different elevations, granting guests a sense of exclusivity. Designed to make guests feel at home, these guest houses embody the essence of a luxurious suite. Each unit is thoughtfully equipped with its own living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room.

As a summer house, the design embraces lightweight and durable materials, as well as a simple and understated aesthetic. Local materials, such as “Bodrum Stone,” are utilized, while a color palette dominated by whites and beiges evokes the refreshing ambiance of summer. The connection between the indoor spaces and the terrace gardens is carefully curated, ensuring a harmonious blend between the interior and exterior environments. One of the terrace gardens features a captivating stone sculpture with flowing water, creating a soothing soundscape that enhances relaxation. The fragrance of Melissa and Jasmine plants permeates the suites, immersing guests in their enchanting scents. Each guest house possesses its own distinct design theme, setting them apart from one another.

In the first guest house, known as the “Louvered Suite,” wood shutters are elegantly incorporated as covers for cabinet doors, maintaining a seamless flow within the space. The same material is used for the bathroom door, creating a discreet and harmonious aesthetic. The arrangement of the sitting area and bed is strategically oriented towards the breathtaking sea view. The bed, custom-designed for the project, boasts its own curtains that exude a summery vibe while providing privacy and blocking out light during restful sleep. Furthermore, a skylight in the bathroom allows guests to indulge in the serene contemplation of clouds while enjoying a bath.

The second guest house, the “Bamboo Suite,” embraces a monochrome color palette while introducing a striking contrast of green tones, reminiscent of the joineries and window shutters found throughout the villa. This choice immerses guests in the ambiance of a bamboo forest, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. The dressing room is discreetly positioned behind the bed, with a solid panel separating the spaces for enhanced privacy. Mirrors and wall shelves create an illusion of spaciousness within the dressing room. Thoughtfully placed panels between the dressing room and the bathroom allow natural light to permeate the spaces while maintaining a sense of openness. The guest house features unique “Bamboe Bed” and “Mirror Ball” furniture pieces, specially designed by BURĒAU.

“Bodrum Guest House” offers its guests an unforgettable retreat where luxurious design, privacy, and the essence of summer converge in perfect harmony.