Moment Gardens Hebil, designed by BURĒAU, is a building complex consisting of six villas situated in Türkbükü, Bodrum, Turkiye. Each villa offers a harmonious blend of contemporary comfort and natural allure, providing an ideal setting for summer living.


The architectural design of Moment Gardens Hebil emphasizes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. With expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light floods the interiors, offering panoramic views of the surrounding bay.


Drawing inspiration from Bodrum’s architectural heritage, BURĒAU has designed each villa with a minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic. Local materials, including Bodrum plaster, oak, and impero reale marble, are thoughtfully incorporated throughout the interior spaces, creating an ambiance of understated elegance.

Inside, the open-plan layout enhances the sense of spaciousness, with glass separators replacing traditional walls on the ground floor. The staircase, crafted from sleek oak with a glass handrail, serves as a focal point, adding a touch of contemporary flair to the design.


The interior palette is dominated by hues of whites and beiges, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. The ground floor features a spa area with large openings overlooking the courtyard, providing residents with a tranquil retreat for relaxation. An aditional multifunctional living room offers versatility, serving as a guest hosting area, study room, or bar space, all while maintaining a seamless connection to the outdoors.


Moment Gardens Hebil designed to invite the users to experience the epitome of coastal living, where modern luxury meets natural beauty. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, each villa offers a sanctuary where every moment is infused with comfort and tranquility.